Occupational Therapy

Follow these steps to make a referral for Occupational Therapy services. We’re always happy to talk through what we offer to see if we can help.

Step 1 – Making Contact

Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll ask you what difficulties you are having and what it is you would like to achieve. In addition we will ask for your home address so that we can ensure we have capacity to see you in a timely manner. We can then give you information on the next steps including our fees. This is normally sent via email but we should be able to give you a rough indication of fees once we’ve had a chat.

Step 2 – Referral

Once you’ve had time to consider our Occupational Therapy services you can refer into us, again either by phone or email. We will send you confirmation by email (or post if preferred). This will include our terms and conditions, a contract and a consent form. We will also arrange a convenient time to visit you at home to complete the assessment.

Step 3 – Assessment

We will come and see you at home at the pre-arranged time. The assessment will be thorough and will gather information such as medical history, what you’re finding difficult and what your goals are. Depending on your abilities you will also be asked to demonstrate how you are managing certain tasks within the home. All of this information helps form our assessment and enables us to identify areas where we can help and support you. We can then discuss what our recommendations are in order to help you achieve your goals. Having family or carers present can be helpful but this is entirely your choice.

Recommendations made following the assessment may require some follow up work from us. For example we may suggest some equipment for you and advise you have an assessment with this before you consider purchasing it. We may suggest a rehabilitation programme to help improve work on your function and abilities, or we may recommend some adaptations to the home and need to explore this with a reputable contractor to see what is feasible. This will all be discussed with you at the assessment and you can decide how you wish to proceed. You are not obliged to go ahead with the recommendations we make, nor are you obliged to continue to use our services if you feel able to manage the rest of the process yourself.

Step 4 – Report

Following the assessment a comprehensive report will be written highlighting what was discussed, observed and recommended during the assessment. We aim to send you a copy of this report within 5 working days of the assessment date.

Step 5 – Follow up

If you are agreeable to the recommendations made during the assessment and would like us to continue our work to support you we will make any necessary arrangements with reputable equipment providers and/or contractors to ensure you are supported through the whole journey.