Case Management

Step 1 – Contact

If you wish to discuss in more detail the Case Management services we offer then please get in touch either by phone or email. By letting us know what the difficulties are we can ensure we are best placed to meet the likely needs and can also give you an indication of our fees.

Step 2 – Referral

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with using our Case Management services then we require a referral from you. Once received we will make contact and arrange a convenient time to complete an Immediate Needs Assessment.

Step 3 – Immediate Needs Assessment

We will complete the assessment in your own home and a pace that suits you. The information we gather includes medical history, social circumstances and identifying what difficulties there are as a result of the disability or injury. We determine what your goals are and how best to achieve them and then devise a plan of action to help further your rehabilitation.

Step 4 – Ongoing Case Management

Once the recommendations have been agreed by those involved we will be proactive in ensuring your goals are achieved. You will be kept informed at every step to ensure you remain a central part of the process.